I am completely available for commissions and you'll receive your piece within about a month or less! (time depends on size and intricacy) 

I work within your budget to get you exactly what you want! I'm affordable so feel free to email me and let's get started working on your project!
Only use this email for Commissions - If you send a free art request here it will be DELETED!

Here's some possible pricing in case you're wondering, although all projects are negotiable!

11" x 14" Acrylic Painting
Stretched Canvas $60

18 x 24 Acrylic Painting 
Canvas Paper $80
Stretched Canvas $100

8"x 8" Black and White Drawing
$40-$50 depending on intricacy

Digital 8"x10" Image 
Depending on intricacy approx $40 - $100

*prices DO NOT include shipping!

Some Examples Below.

I do acrylic paintings:

I do black and white drawings:


I do digital art:

I paint things on objects: