Monday, June 30, 2014

4th of July Party? Yes!

Who's celebrating 4th of july? I know I am! A cool way to make it more of an event is to send some cute custom little cards to your friends and family.

(Zazzle has you covered with Everything you need for a perfect party!)

Then hire a teenager for an hour or so off craigslist to "collect" the cards and not let anyone in who forgets their cards! How Hollywood!! Of course you can still let them in, but might as well have a little fun right! Zazzle has some awesome cards and you can get get them in all sorts of custom shapes now! They also have all kinds of different themes, you can get lost on there for hours looking at all they have to offer! Check em out! Get some cards and have a blast this 4th of july!!!

And now they have FROZEN products too!!!!!!!!!!!

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