Tuesday, February 5, 2013

#419 - #426 of FREE ART GIVEAWAY - mailings!

I've mailed out some art again the past week and just now had a chance to update!

Here are pix of some of the pieces recently mailed!


you can also purchase prints of some of the pieces that were mailed on Fine Art America!

Sell Art Online 
Photography Prints 
Whilst I am not currently taking request for FREE art pieces, I will still send an original art piece to ANYONE who donates anything to me to help fund the cause! Just click the Donate button on the right and donate through paypal, or if you were lucky enough to receive a free piece of art, simply mail a buck or two back to the address on your envelope. I greatly appreciate any help at all and am very much grateful because it is quite an expensive endeavor!

***Interested in helping out but don't have any money to donate? Simply click on any of the ads on my site. You don't have to do anything or sign up for anything, just by clicking I think I get a penny every time someone does. sure its not much, but hey it's not your money you are spending! And maybe one of these days I'll actually accrue enough to get a check from them to help cover all the shipping costs! I definitely know times are tough and even just 1 click on an ad will help me out in the long run!
Thanks so much for your support!!

--Jera Sky

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