Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to Make A Sunglasses Holder on the Cheap!

Been Reading The Nerdist Way (which I totally recommend and he's not paying me to say this [inside joke if you read the book]) lately and feel inspired to get my life more in order and functioning - I'm always busy so I need to start keeping the place I live and work cleaner and more efficient.

Here's one of the First things I did to clean up my place, a sunglasses holder. This isn't in the book, it's my own thing!


You will Need 
--2 screws (or nails) [I have dry-walls, so I used 1.5" drywall screws]
--Screwdriver (or hammer) depending on what you're using.
--A piece of thicker string [I used Paracord because it does not stretch and will not rot. It's really cheap on ebay , only $1, but I used it because I had it around, use what you have so this is a cheap fix]
Optional items
--Lighter (if you want to singe the ends of the Paracord, if you have string this won't be a problem and you don't really need this)
--Level  (if you don't have you don't need it, just eyeball a straight line)
--Pencil - only if you plan on using a level to make a dot for the 2nd screw

Cost - about $1-2 - I had this stuff lying around my house so it cost me $0!

Time it will Take
If you've already got your materials in hand about 5-10 minutes.

How to Install.
1.  Pick a spot
2.  Once you've got your spot tie one end of the Paracord or string to one of the screws just below the head When the screw is in the Paracord/string should be in between the wall and the head of the screw. [SEE Close Up Photo if you're confused] Then I singed the end of the cord and knot so it would not slip with a lighter. DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU ARE NOT OF AGE TO USE A LIGHTER - OR JUST ASK YOUR PARENTS FOR HELP. BE CAREFUL! INJURY MAY OCCUR!
3. Cut the Paracord/string to the length you want, mine is about 11" right now and holds 3 pairs well. The cord was probably between 12"-13" before tied to the screws.
4. Now that its cut tie the other end to the other screw and repeat step 2.
5. Screw the first screw into the wall where you the holder to start. Untangle the cord if it gets tangled while screwing in the screw.
6. If you have a level use it to mark the spot of your second screw by pulling the Paracord/String tight, keeping it tight will help keep the sunglasses in a pretty straight line instead of drooping more than it will naturally. If you don't have a level, just eyeball it!
7. Screw in the 2nd screw and voila! You have a sunglasses holder
8. Place your sunglasses on the holder and show off  to your friends!

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