Saturday, January 26, 2013

#308-345 of FREE Art Giveaway - Slew of Art Mailed!

#308 - #3 mailed out! That's 37 Pieces of Art!!
I'm catching back up and trying to fulfill all the requests that I originally received that had complete addresses. There is about 280 people on that list and I hope to get you all pieces. I may hold short openings for art in the upcoming months but nothing set in stone yet. In the meantime you're always welcome to support me and my art by purchasing prints and making me able to have the time (time=money, and if i have money i have time to make art instead of work!) to make art for you guys! Thanks so much to my fans, I love you!

Here are some of the images of the pieces that were mailed out in no particular order! I didn't have pix of everything so that's why there isn't as many for as many as I mailed!








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