Thursday, October 18, 2012

Updates to the FREE Art Giveaway Project

I've updated some of the answers to the free art give away and added some new Q & A's due to new recent developments in the project. 

You are no longer able to request multiple FREE pieces. The limit is 1 per household - If you would like to request and donate some money after you've already received a FREE painting that is completely fine. I definitely need money and donations to continue with the project and can't do so absolutely free for every single piece of art I make. I'm sorry but if you get 1 free piece of art and want another I think it is only right to make a small donation or buy the next piece from me. 

11. How do I donate?

When I mail out your painting, you get an email from me with all the ways you an donate - mail some money back to the address on your package and it will get to me or you can send a donation to me via paypal. My paypal email is

or you can click this donate button to send a payment to me via paypal as well. Thanks for donating! It's more appreciated than you know, since I do not receive a lot of those!

12. Is there a limit to how many *FREE* pieces I can get?
YES - (Limit 1 per household). Because this is all coming out of my money and I'm not a machine, I'm only offering 1 per household. If you would like to donate each time for a painting you can do that an unlimited amount of times because costs are helped being covered. Thank you for respecting me as an artist to appreciate this. 

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