Monday, October 8, 2012

Requests without mailing address have been deleted!

I just went through all the requests I have and deleted every message that did not have a mailing address with the request - unfortunately I just don't have the time to email everyone of you, so if you think you may have forgotten to provide a mailing address, it would be best if you sent in a new request. This also means you'll now be at the end of the list - sorry but have to give priority to people who followed the rules!

I deleted 63 emails in total that didn't have addresses in the email. A lot of them were recent ones and some that have been on the list for a while.  Again - YOU WILL NOT BE CONTACTED IF YOU WERE DELETED FROM THE LIST, it was purely based on who provided mailing address and who did not. Also if your address is changed - email me and update it - I WILL NOT EMAIL YOU, and if your piece goes to the wrong address - I DO NOT RESHIP because it becomes you just spending my money and since I'm broke that's not fair to me. 

I'll also know who's actually checking my website and really interested in my art if I don't get emails from those of you I had to delete huh?! Also as a fact that I never get any comments on posts I'm guessing no one actually really cares, you all just want something for free and that's it. :(


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