Sunday, October 7, 2012

#252- #265 of Free Art Giveaway - LOTS OF ART BEING MAILED!


In order to catch up from being out of town and all that I found some more of my amazing art from college stored at my mom's house that I'm now going to send out.

I have a bunch of prints (not the printed kind, like actual one of a kind made on a printing press in my printmaking class kind) That I'm going to randomly ship out to the next people in order on the list.

Also I'm starting to run into emails that never gave me addresses - those emails are being deleted and removed from the list as I'm not spending the extra time to email everyone individually if you didn't supply an address still - I already did that and I usually don't hear back anyways. Saves me time and shortens the list!

Here's some pictures of some of the prints - they are all different and most are 1/1 prints so they're super one of a kind pieces on very expensive art paper that I was able to buy when I used to have financial aid for the sort of thing!

All of these will catch up of all the days from September 25th- October 8th (14 mailings). I'll also have some more of them to mail for the rest of this week and I didn't photograph them all so you'll probably see some duplicate pictures.

I hope you all enjoy! Also donations are greatly appreciated, especially as a thank you after you received your piece! Postage and packaging definitely are not free for me and I can say I've charged quite a lot on credit cards to keep this project going.

Also be sure to check out my new professional art site: 

--Jera Sky

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