Monday, August 27, 2012

#219 of Free Art Giveaway - Da Na Na Na Na Na Na

Thursday's FREE Painting!

Acrylic on Watercolor Paper - 5" x 5.5"

Sorry for the lack of updates again - just swamped in projects right now - I might actually have to shut down the free art giveaway soon as I don't really have the time or money I'd like to devote to this. That may mean if you requested a FREE piece, you might not get it. If you make a donation - you're guaranteed to get a painting!



Thursday, August 23, 2012

#218 of Free Art Giveaway - Octopus Clown

Wednesday's FREE drawing!

Just a little octopus with a red clown nose and putting on his orange clown wig. So adorable! 

Marker on Artist Paper. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#217 of Free Art Giveaway - Thanks for the Five

Tuesday's FREE painting!

Thanks for the five
Small painting on about 3" x 3" watercolor paper.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

#211 of Free Art Giveaway - Mum

Wednesday's FREE Painting!

I know I'm so behind on updates! I've been so busy - Will try to get all caught up this weekend!! 

Mixed media on Paper. 10"x 10" Frame. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

#209 of Free Art Giveaway - Beer Man Working

Monday's FREE painting!

Beer Man Working
Ink and Watercolor on Watercolor Paper - Approx 11" x 15"

Sunday, August 12, 2012

#208 of Free Art Giveaway - Johnny Cash

Sunday's FREE Piece of Art!

Johnny Cash
Mixed Media on Thick Artist Paper 19" x 24"


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*New* Post Apocalyptic Series Now Done!

I finished my Post Apocalyptic Series and am going to see if I can get it into a gallery once the frames come somewhere here in LA. I'll let you all know if I do. 

If you would like to purchase prints of any of the images below you can do so here:

(this one is 2 pieces put together digitally, but they are not together currently)

I have a weird fascination with anything post apocalyptic, something about it is so intriguing, interesting and in some ways exciting despite the devastation. My fascination has finally developed into a full blown series. 
I find that there is a beauty in things left behind. So much life is still there. There's so much more to the story you'd love to hear and understand to how things got where they currently are. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Art show at CuCu Art Gallery in Eagle Rock!

Tonight from 7-10 pm (August 11th)
(Works will be displayed until August 24th so if you couldn't make it tonight and have time to stop by when they're open tues-sat please feel free to do so!)

There is a Bird Themed Group Art Exhibition at:
Cucu Gallery in Eagle Rock, CA!

I have the honor of having 3 of my pieces there up for display and sale! 
All are signed, one of a kind pieces!

And there will be multiple artists there
so more that just me to see!  

It's going to be such a fun night!

If you are interested in coming by, we'd love to have you. 

I hear there will be Free Cheese and Wine!!! 

4704 Eagle Rock Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Thanks for your time and hope to see you tonight!!

Additional info here:

#207 of Free Art Giveaway - Dropies

Saturday's FREE piece of Art!

Photography Prints 

Mixed Media on approx 7 1/2" x 8" paper

Dropies - Adorable original Creature by Jera Sky
Dropies are a long necked creature with some fluff like a puppy and flower like drips from their head. Adorable! And super calm, moseying about animals...

Friday, August 10, 2012

New Piece up for Auction on Ebay!

Starts at only $2.47 with FREE SHIPPING in the USA!

And ebay took down this one for auction as I put that I used bob ross's technique in it and apparently you can't say that - absurd. So here it is listed again:

Starts at $4.67 with FREE SHIPPING in the USA!


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#206 of Free Art Giveaway - Wandering PricklePal

Friday's FREE piece of art!

Photography Prints

Mixed Media on Paper approx 7.5" x 8"

Drawings are also going out now in order to keep up with the demand, more affordable postage costs and supply costs since I am not receiving donations and I am purely paying for this out of my own pocket, credit card rather... 
Thank you Emails are suggested at the very least so I know you've received your piece.