Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Painting #130 of Free Painting Giveaway - Zombie Mushrooms

Tuesday's FREE painting. 

Unfortunately this is not the exact painting that went out today, but one very similar. Apparently I don't have any photos of the one I packed up and since it's already packed, I don't plan on unpacking it. Sorry! It is just another Zombie Mushroom painting very similar to this though!

Painting #129 of Free Painting Giveaway -Desert Landscape

Monday's FREE painting! Happy Memorial Day!

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1 of only 8 oil paintings I've ever done. 

Painting #128 of Free Painting Giveaway - Stephen

Sunday's FREE Painting:

Stephen with a PHd in Graffiti. He's a graffiti artist and dam proud of it, although he doesnt like to smile for portraits as you can see. Maybe one day he will show you some of his work.

Painting #127 of Free Painting Giveaway - Bright Blue Mountains

Sorry for the lack of updates but as you all know I was at the Harry Potter Craft Fair this weekend and yesterday was a holiday so I'm here today to start doing so!

Saturday's FREE Painting:
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This is actually one of only a few oil paintings I've ever done and I probably won't ever do them again. I prefer Acrylic! So it's pretty rare! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

I'll Be at Whimsic Alley's Harry Potter Craft Fair This Weekend!

Whimsic Alley Craft Fair
May 26th and 27th 
10am-6pm Saturday and Sunday

I'll be there selling Harry Potter themed Buttons and Art - along with some of my other buttons and art. I'll also be giving away some sketches on my old head shots free (1 per person) to whomever shows up wanting one. I think I only have about a hundred or so, hopefully that's enough. (Another way to bypass the wait list for the Free Painting a Day Giveaway and you can meet me!) Some examples shown. 

Some of the paintings I'll be selling! Only $5 each!

Some of the Buttons I'll be selling (hundreds more!)! 50 cents each for 1 inch size


5464 Wilshire Boulevard 
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Facebook event Invite:

Painting #126 of Free Painting Giveaway - Seahorse

Friday's FREE painting

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Painting #125 of Free Painting Giveaway - Gummy Bears Can't Read

Thursday's FREE painting!

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Aw, gummy bear is lost at the mall! 

Painting #124 of Free Painting Giveaway - Piggy Contemplating Bacon

I was asked for a pig and so I drew a pig being tempted by bacon... haha

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Wednesday's FREE painting!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I got a Tooth Fairy Sculpture back in the mail!

This is the coolest thing ever! It's my tooth fairy but the person who received the painting turned it into a real life 3d sculpture! I LOVE IT! It's so cool to see in 3d form! Sorry I didn't post this sooner - I wanted to make sure to snap some good pics of it first. Thank you SO much!! 

This is the original painting I mailed to the person who made this awesome little sculpture!
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Painting #123 of Free Painting Giveaway - Mystic Mountain

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Tuesday's Free Painting!

At Mystic Mountain, The trees psych skiers out to make you fall. They get great amusement from it. Mischievous little trees! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Painting #122 of Free Painting Giveaway - Taka

Taka is Today (Monday's) FREE painting!!

Taka is a Tiki God. He resides on Easter Island along with the other statues although he wants to move because he is the only one of his kind. Show him your support by passing him around and making him feel more special than the other statues.

Painting #121 of Free Painting Giveaway - Hypocrital Monster

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Sunday's FREE painting!! 

Hypocrital Monster - An "Anti Monster" Monster... 

Also can add Maryland and West Virginia to the states that I've now shipped to!

Painting #120 of Free Painting Giveaway - Hungry Robot

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Saturday's FREE Painting!

One machine eating another machine! I have no idea why I drew a snake in there.... Also that tank shoots only tennis balls.... What is wrong with this picture? ha ha 

Painting #119 of Free Painting Giveaway - Kyoto, Japan Skyline

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This is Friday's FREE painting!

One of these days I'll get to see this sunset in person!! 

Painting #118 of Free Painting Giveaway - Ginger

Sorry for the lack of updates! I did some voiceovers last week and then I had 4 improv shows and class, so I've just been crazy busy! But lots of paintings to be posted!! 

Thursdays FREE painting is Ginger!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Painting #115 of Free Painting Giveaway - Kuala Lumpur

Monday's Free Painting!
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Skyline
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