Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I just emailed Ellen, let's see what happens...

I'm trying to spread my reach further, so I tweeted to craigslist TV and I just emailed ELLEN. If anyone at all feels like helping out and emailing Ellen too for me that'd be awesome and maybe they'll take notice!

Dear Ellen,

My name is Jera Sky and I'm trying to get my art all over the world. To do so I'm giving away a painting a day to anyone who emails me and asks for one. I even pay all the shipping charges. I do accept donations and all the donations go back into funding the project. I started this just under a month ago and already have a year and a half wait list but I haven't gotten as far of a reach as I would like. I've been updating a map with all the places I've shipped to and posting each piece as I mail it. I'd love your help in trying to get piece to someone in each country in the world!

Thanks for your time.

Jera Sky
www.JeraSky.com (click on "free art" page for more info).

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