Monday, April 30, 2012

Auctioning off some of my Larger Paintings on Ebay!

I've had so many people interested in actually purchasing my work, I'm going to list some for sale.
I have a few large paintings I'll be listing in my ebay store this week. 
Did I mention shipping is FREE to US buyers on these?!!

Robot Panda is the first one up -  These are the originals, once they're gone, they're gone and you can only order prints of them later! 
Click to bid on this painting! 

Painting #99 of Free Painting Giveaway - Choncey

Today's Free Painting!!

Choncey is a bit of a wild cat. He grows a mustache just so he can stroke it and look distinguished. Even though his ears a a bit crooked on his head he's never one short of confidence as he is the top earning golf club salesman at the country club.

Painting #98 of Free Painting Giveaway - Razor

Sunday's Free painting! 

Painting #97 of Free Painting Giveaway - Silencieuses Monster

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Saturday's Free Painting: Silencieuses Monster (french for silent monster)

Painting #96 of Free Painting Giveaway - Bien Arme

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Bien Arme. Mixed media on a vintage antique book page.

This is Friday's Free Painting! 

Blue Bear Thank You Pic!

Another pic of received painting! 

Sorry for the lack of updates - Weekends are CRAZY BUSY for me! I'll be updating with all the free paintings from friday to monday now! 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Painting #94 of Free Painting Giveaway - Mark Twain Flowers

I received this message and it was one that I couldn't just let sit in the stack of requests I have. That's why today's piece is a very special one!

"Hi! I was wondering if you have any pieces about beating cancer. My cousin just found out 3 days ago that after being in remission for almost 7 years to the day she has to go into round two of acute myelogenous luekemia and will be staying at the UW. I really don't know what to say to her. If you do I know she would love it! I would so greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your wonderful artwork and for taking the time to read this."

I've been racking my brain trying to think of a painting that would say what someone would need it to say when they didn't have the words themselves. Then I came across a Mark Twain quote which seemed absolutely perfect. 

"Twenty Years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones that you did do." --Mark Twain

Then I picked colors that make me happy and hoped that it would translate to whom it is being given. Overall I feel like this painting means much more than it seems at face value. 

I'm also listing this painting on Fine Art America for sale as prints. To help pay for the treatment of this I am going to donate 50% of the profits of the sales of the prints to the person who asked me for this painting. I'd love if you'd help with this endeavor by purchasing a print, or even just a greeting card so we can all do some good! 

Just click the image below to go to the site to purchase prints. 

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Painting #93 of Free Painting Giveaway - G_B_N_S

This was yesterday's free painting! 
I'll also be updating soon with today's which is a very special one. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Roaming Moose Close ups!

As you may recall I gave away this painting a few days ago - here's the scan of it! 
If you're interested in purchasing a print of it, you can do so by click the picture below! 
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Videos from Improv Grad Show April 8th

Here's a couple of vids my boyfriend was able to take of my UCB advanced improv graduation show! 
Hope you like em! 

Painting #92 of Free Painting Giveaway - Appris

This was Monday's free painting!

Monster movie film strip!
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Painting #91 of Free Painting Giveaway - Zombie Cauliflower

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This is the FREE painting for today! (sunday)
Zombie Cauliflower!
Sometimes kids have a reason to avoid their vegetables!

Painting #90 of Free Painting Giveaway - Rabid Unicorn

Photography Prints

This is another painting going out right away for a donation! Thank you all so much for your support on the project!! 

Beware: The Rabid Unicorn shoots rainbows everywhere!

Painting #89 of Free Painting Giveaway - Mirrored Skyline

The original of this is going out to a person who made a donation! 
Yay! Every little bit greatly helps!

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Radio Interview Moved to Next Thursday April 26th

The radio interview I was going to be doing tonight has been pushed to next Thursday, same time!

April 26th
I am being interviewed by The Slab Internet Radio Station

When: 04/19/2012 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Painting #86 of Free Painting Giveaway - Roaming Moose

Josh got his painting!!!

I'll have a detailed photo up soon, just don't have it ready yet!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

Painting #83 of Free Painting Giveaway - A Big Bear

This is the free painting for TODAY!

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Also I'm super short of my goal on Indigogo and it's almost over! - All the donations I've gotten(on and off indigogo) have been used already for postage for the past 83 paintings I've shipped. I'd love to increase the amount of paintings shipped to 2 a day and by reaching the goal I'll be able to do so, Even a Dollar helps out enormously - If I had a dollar from ever person on the list currently I'd be halfway to the goal! Crazy Right?!?! So no amount is too little! Also just share the project with friends I have so many countries I have not had requests from yet and states too!!

Painting #82 of Free Painting Giveaway - 80s Zombie Mushrooms

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The original of this painting is going out today as Sunday's free painting!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Painting #81 of Free Painting Giveaway - Donatello With Nunchucks

Donatello carries a bo staff normally, but not this one, he's got nunchucks, because they're more fun! 

This is the free painting for Saturday (yesterday)! Here's a pic of Danny with it... you can see he's quite perturbed by this. 

If you would like a print or greeting card of it - those may be purchased by click the photo below.
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Friday, April 13, 2012

Painting #80 of Free Painting Giveaway - La Possession

This is the free painting for Friday!
Painting is on a Vintage, Antique book page. The book is a french book called Leclerc.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Painting #79 of Free Painting Giveaway - Xavier

This is the free painting for today! Adorable little puppydragon Xavier - from my cartoon PuppyDragon Land. 
Watch episodes here:

Painting #78 of Free Painting Giveaway - Chester

Chester This is the adorable little painting that's going out today that was the free painting for yesterday (wednesday!)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Painting #77 of Free Painting Giveaway - Flying Zombie Mushroom Attack

Photography Prints

The original of these little guys are going out today (as today's free painting)!

Painting #76 of Free Painting Giveaway - Lieutenant Dann

(this counts as Monday's Free painting) Going to California!

His story:
Lieutenant Dann was a military brat and joined the first day he could. He became a fighter pilot but never really saw any action. If you see him he's always got his helmet on, never strapped, its "too constricting on the veins, makes it harder to see out there" as he would say.

Painting #75 of Free Painting Giveaway - Giant Cherries Chasing Cherry Tree

This awesome 18 x 24" painting is going out today to the person who donated those paints and brushes to me! I used mainly what she gave me along with my own stuff. I think it turned out amazing. My boyfriend asked if we had to give it away, sadly I said yes, but the recipient is sure to love it! (and yes that is a lady shockingly watching this all happen in the window of the little cottage there.) Oh yeah and she did actually ask for a painting with cherries! This was my idea of that.

If you're interested in purchasing prints of it, here's the link:
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Email from Ireland!

Just got an email that the painting I mailed to Ireland a few weeks ago made it! yay!
(private info of recipient has been erased)

Painting #74 of Free Painting Giveaway - King

This painting is going all the way to Australia, My first request from there! (counts towards Sunday's Free painting!)

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Updated map!!

Updates are coming shortly!!

Sorry for the lack of updates the past couple days! It was Easter and my birthday combined. Which means yesterday I was exhausted! But I'm still going to honor my word and have a painting for each day mailed out today. So I'll be updating quite a bit today!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Have nothing to do on Easter (&my bday) -come see me do improv!

NOT ONLY is tomorrow Easter, It is also My Birthday!!

Come out and see me have a ton of fun on the UCB stage with my Advanced Improv Class!!

Advanced Improv Graduation Show

When: April 8th 4:30pm
Where: UCB Theatre
5919 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, CA.
$5 or FREE with UCB Student ID

Painting #73 of Free Painting Giveaway - Classy Zombie Mushroom

He's a hipster and a zombie and a mushroom. ha!
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Painting #72 of Free Painting Giveaway - Gruff Zombie Mushroom

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This adorable little guy will be going out on Monday!
On a canvas, ready to hang!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Painting #71 of Free Painting Giveaway - Inquisitive Dragon

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This little dragon is just super interested in that caterpillar and vice versa. ha ha!

Painting from Damion Eli-Angelo

I got a donation in the form of another painting a couple of days ago so I just wanted to share it with everyone and hope little Damion is proud that he made it onto the site! I'll be mailing your painting soon!

Painting #70 of Free Painting Giveaway - Soul Necklace

This painting is going all the way to INDIA!!! Amazing!!!

Photography Prints

Let's keep em coming everyone! There are so many countries I haven't had a request from yet! Share with your friends, family or anyone who you think might be interested!!