Monday, March 26, 2012

Painting #30 of Free Painting Giveaway - Love Mushroom

The original of this little guy is going out tomorrow. The person asked for something to do with love!

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And to everyone who has made a donation - I've gotten them, I apologize for not responding as quickly, I've mailed out about 500 responses these past few days! I'm just working on your pieces and I'll update you with mailing info!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

Also the wait list for a completely free painting is about 500 days now!!!!!!!! So that's about a year and a half!

You can skip the whole line with any donation amount either through paypal or on indigogo. 
Here are the links. 

You are allowed to donate however many times you want to get multiple paintings.
Thanks for the support in helping me to pay for shipping costs, paypal fees, packaging costs and art supplies. 

Have added Kansas to the list!

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