Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What's happening next year!

So right now I'm gearing up to make a campaign to raise all the money I need to pay off all my debt!
"jera you've gotta be kidding me?"
No! I'm not! I'm dead serious. It's gonna be awesome!

I'll do just about anything to raise up the $8282.90 I need to pay off all my debt and finally live free of debt! It's been a long time coming! Ever since I got out of college, its been weighing heavily on me and 3 years later I've paid half of it off but need help with the rest!

So what might i do?

I dunno that's up to you! I'm gonna post on craigslist for odd jobs, helping people, tutoring, art lessons, editing help, walk your dog, wash your car, babysit your kids, whatever you can come up with and I'm capable of doing (nothing sexual!)
Hell I'll even do custom art for you, a mural, paint some furniture - whatever you can think of that will help me earn the money I need to get out of debt.