Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

I just wanted to say that I am thankful for all the memories I have shared with all those I've loved and that have loved me back. Thinking about these makes me wish you could show everyone just how much you loved them with ever encounter, unfortunately it's just not that easy but I will strive every day to be better.

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and participate in the gluttonous event to the fullest!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 339 - Gunther in Color

November 9th

Day 338 - Alv in Color

November 8th

Day 337 - Frank in Color

November 7th

Day 336 - Luci in Color

November 6th

Day 335 - #188 - Sax

November 5th

Day 334 - #187 - Tag

November 4th
Tag works for Crest developing new dental flosses. He doesn't really use it since his teeth are so gapped, but he likes the feeling of knowing he has helped others keep their teeth!

Day 333 - #186 - Hank

November 3rd
Hank makes bombs. Not in any sort of terrorist way. He has a real job where he develops casings for materials that explode. He looks mean, but hes just super serious.

Day 332 - #185 - Baby Sue

November 2nd
Baby sue is 23, she still sucks her thumb and acts like a baby. We don't know why and the doctors are just baffled. She does make over 100k a year though reselling baby clothes on ebay. How is a baby so capable...

Day 331 - #184 - Leon

November 1st
Leon works for the government in the terrorist section. He knows way too much and that's the reason for his permanent freak out face. The things he could tell you...

Day 330 - #183 - Alv

October 31st

Day 329 - #182 - Stephen

October 30th
Stephen is the ultimate hipster. I mean look at that mustache, he even has a mustache on his car to match. He was a philosophy major and now works as a life coach. Leave it to a hipster to coach YOU on life.

Day 328 - #181 - Vincent

October 29th
Vincent is a recovering meth addict. He used to wander the streets trying to score, now he wanders them doing good deeds here and there. His record is so tarnished that he can't get a real job, but the neighborhood helps support him by giving him odd jobs and paying him cash. He almost has enough to move out of his studio apartment and get a 1 bedroom! Go vincent!

Day 327 - #180 - Frank

October 28th
Frank is a writer for the New York Times. He has a column titled "Free Your Mind With Frank" where people can vent out anything they want to say and then Frank takes what's unusual about their thoughts and kind of pokes fun at it. Its a humorous little column that has quite a few fans who "like" it on Facebook.

Day 326 - #179 - Markus

October 27th
Markus works as an ear model. ;)

Day 325 - #178 - Clara

October 26th
Clara is from Germany. She doesn't speak much English but somehow managed to get booked as a model for Walmart's children's clothes. Shes 28 but looks like shes 13, so they loved her, because she is an adult and looks the part. She's made enough that when she returns back to Germany she is going to buy herself a nice house and dog, 2 things shes wanted since she was a child.

Day 324 - #177 - Benson

October 25th
Benson is a bit of a slob. He has real issues though, when his wife died almost ten years ago he started hoarding. Luckily this past year he realized he couldn't take it anymore and sought out help. He horded all sorts of old baseball cards and other things that seemed really collectible. He squandered away his entire savings, but while the junk people were cleaning out his stuff they found a 1914 Baltimore News SGC Babe Ruth baseball card and ended up with half a million dollars after the sale. He now owns the Red Sox team and no longer hordes anything. He thanks his wife every day for helping him to find this card that would help him accept and move on.

I've been watching a lot of the show hoarders lately... as you can tell...

Day 323 - #176 - Mabe

October 24th
Mabe is an insidious little guy, whistling every time he is up to no good. Last time I caught him, he had lit a loaf of bred on fire, then threw it in the oven to finish. Why would you light a loaf of bread on fire? I dunno, but he did. If I hadn't caught him whistling the star spangled banner, I don't know what else would have ended up on fire!