Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 322 - #175 - Amy

October 23rd
Amy looks sneaky and slimy but shes actually almost saint like. She volunteers every weekend at her local soup kitchen helping to feed the hungry. She has also started her own charity at the young age of 15. The charity's goal is getting homeless people rehabilitated and put into homes and jobs to maintain a more comfortable life. I admire her. Sounds like a great charity.

Day 321 - #174 - Linkin

October 22nd
Linkin is narcoleptic, falling asleep at the worst possible moments. Moments like right now when I was trying to interview him to write about him. Figures. Guess we'll have to wait til he wakes up to find out more....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 320 - #173 - Balthacear

October 21st
Balthacear the Dino-Man-Dog. He was born near a toxic wast site and thus ended up looking like this from birth. He never knew any better as his brain was malformed too, so he's not aware of the differences as he should be. He found a home at the local horse ranch. Somehow he became a sort of "wrangler" as he was able to communicate with the horses. I don't know where i'm going with this...

Day 319 - #172 - Joey

October 20th
Inspired by Joey Tribbiani, but he looks a little challenged here, it's definitely the ear.

Day 318 - #171 - Monica

October 19th
Monica is just as uptight as she looks. She recently cut off one of her hands when using a table saw on the job site. Surprisingly enough losing her hand has brought out the best in her and she's become the most nice loveable person you ever met. It's a shame she had to lose a limb to realize she was an ass, but hey, at least she changed before she died alone. ;)

Day 317 - #170 - Lucille

October 18th
Lucille is a space traveler. She like to keep her sun shields on all the time, even in the movie theater. She'll even stick her 3d glasses over them. The sun is super dangerous up in space since there is no ozone to block out rays, so she's not really crazy, just super safe.

Day 316 - #169 - Winchell

October 17th
Winchell the witch brewed up a little snitch only to give it to the townsfolk and make them itch. She combed her hair lots only to tie it in knots and at a dinner made of lox. She wished she could travel to the nile to gather up potions she could file but on her way she fell in a pit for a while. She loved her life until the day she end up dead when a witch hunter came and lopped off her head.

Day 315 - #168 - Gunther

October 16th
Gunther is a bass player in the band Knights All Night! They dress up as knights on stage too, as if the name itself weren't enough! They book a lot of seedy bars and Renaissance fairs as well. They're working on getting their new record, My Faire Lady, on iTunes. Wish them well!

Day 314 - #167 - Mon

October 15th
Mon has the hugest snout i've ever seen. In fact, he's mostly snout. He uses his overly powerful nose to work for perfume companies and come up with new scents. It was either that our smell tester - like a taste tester, but rates foods based on smells, which was much more difficult to get into so he went with his real passion, perfume!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 313 - #166 - Luis

October 14th
Luis is a bit of an insomniac. That being said he usually has blood shot eyes due to the lack of sleep. Luckily he works for a sleep clinic and hes one of the few researchers who have no trouble staying up all night.

Day 312 - #165 - Senny

October 13th
Senny the sunflower. Follows the sun wherever it goes everyday. That's why they're called sunflowers, not because they look like the sun.

Day 311 - #164 - Latrina

October 12th
Latrina works at a cupcakery. She wears her hair up like this instead of wearing a hairnet for one and two it keeps out of her eyes. Her best creation is the double chocolate mocha swiss frappé cupcake with a fresh strawberry banana butte-cream frosting dipped in sprinkles.
mmm. i want a cupcake now, that sounds delicious!
She is trying to get onto cupcake wars to compete but hasn't yet made the cut, until then shes been featured on top chef desserts as a guest judge!...jk its her new favorite anticipated show. ;)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 310 - #163 - Buttros

October 11th
Büttros is from El Salvador and has been training to run with the bulls for months. He's worked up his speed and endurance no problem, and has saved up enough to go to Pamplona, but now its his fear of dying he has to overcome.

Day 309 - #161 - Luda

October 10th
Luda the speckled cat. He is cross eyed, but works for the Magic Eye Company. If you don't recall what magic eye is, its those crazy repeated images that when you cross your eyes a 3d image appears...that's why he's a great asset to the company!

Day 308 - #162 - Churchie

October 9th
Churchie is a mischievous little hare. He's always up to doing things that he shouldn't be, like stealing carrots out of grocery stores or putting pennies on train tracks, you name it he's probably done it. He's currently in MBRC - The Misbehaving Bunny Rehabilitation Center. 28 days and hopefully he'll be a new hare!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 307 - #159 - Alvin

October 8th
Alvin the owl. He resides in a tree up in Washington state. He loves the rainy dreary weather because he likes staying in with his family watching the netflix on demand. ;)

Day 306 - #158 - Iggy

October 7th
Iggy the piggy is quite a bad ass. Pierced ears, buck teeth, he definitely stands out. He looks tough, but actually listens to classical music religiously. He works as a Receptionist at a Veterinarian's Hospital. He hopes to one day work in the back as a certified vet!

Day 305 - #157 - Quentin

October 6th
Inspired from Quentin Tarantino, in no way a likeness.

Day 304 - #156 - Rex

October 6th

Day 303 - #155 - Lief

October 5th
Lief is a happy little pelican living on the beach. Watch out though if you're eating snacks on the beach. He likes "people food" way more than raw fish and has no problem snatching it out of your hands before you get it in your mouth!

Day 302 - #153 - Patrick

October 4th
Patrick is a bum. He used to work at Burger King, until his manager fired him and hired an illegal worker. He robs rich people in the Hamptons now. He likes his job much better and doesn't smell like fries all the time anymore.

Day 301 - #152 - Abraham

October 3rd
Abraham is a private eye. He works solely off of ads he puts on craigslist. He started it when he was laid off from Frontier Airlines a few years ago and it's worked out quite well for him. He even met his girlfriend doing it. (She was cheating on her then husband and fell for Abraham's charm instantly). He's a very happy man, despite his candid appearance.

Day 300! - #151 - Leonard

October 2nd
Leonard is an incense salesman. Crazy, yes somehow he makes a living selling incense in front of stores out of his car everyday. Amazing and inspiring. Tax free baby!

Day 299 - #150 - Latelle

October 1st
Latelle the make-up counter saleswoman. Don't go too close to her if you're just window shopping for make-up. Latelle is very pushy and very good at what she does. Before you know it you'll be over-drafting your account and leaving with a face full of makeup that even your entire bottle of make up remover wouldn't even nearly be able to remove! She works on commission.

Day 298 - #149 - Vincent

September 30th
Vincent the magician. He failed as a vampire stand in, now he hits up comedy clubs doing magic comedy, a very unique form.

Day 297 - #148 - Larrie

September 29th
Larrie the buck toothed fly. He's not very pretty close up, but you'd be surprised to find out he's actually a fly model. Styling the best wing covers trash can buy!

Day 296 - #70 Malachi

September 28th
Malachi is an evil little fanger-dog. He roams alleys in the bad parts of town looking for homeless people to feed on. No one notices, because they're homeless and usually alone. its quite dark, but he never kills anyone, just feeds off their blood. He's in FDA, Fanger Dogs Anonymous, but he's having trouble finding alternate sources of food than homeless people's blood. He hopes to get his 1 month chip in the next couple of weeks!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 295 - Kerberos

September 27th

Original Greek form of Latin Cerberus, meaning "demon of the pit."

Day 294 - Leeter

September 26th
Leeter the one toothed teen-aged miscreant. He constantly does stuff to terrorize the city of Gotham. Batman thinks its the joker, its not... Jokes on Batman!

Day 293 - Blue series #3

September 25th
Blue series #3 of 3

Day 292 - Blue series #2

September 24th
Blue series #2 of 3

Day 291 - Blue series #1

September 23rd
Blue #1 of 3

Day 290 - Gots Comedy Halloween Wallpaper

September 22nd

A wallpaper I made for my comedy team G.O.T.S. Comedy.

Day 289 - Sunshine Discipline

September 21st
Ahh the sun playing with a little doggy, maybe he was barking to much. that'll show him! haha from a random envelope i mailed to my mom.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 288 - Doggy Painted Sunglasses

September 20th

How awesome! Custom doggy painted sunglasses?!?! I am willing to sell these, just hit me up if you're interested with an offer. ;)

Day 287 - Monster Painted Sunglasses

September 19th
How awesome! Custom monster painted sunglasses?!?! I am willing to sell these, just hit me up if you're interested with an offer. ;)

Day 286 - Robmo Canvas

September 18th

Drew my little robmo on a mini 3" x 3" canvas

Day 285 - Intensity

September 17th

Intensity. Quad framed piece. Available for purchase! Just email me!

Day 284 - Cronkle Saint

September 16th
A new saint to worship... maybe i can pull an L. Ron and just create a religion out of the cronkles....ha ha jk

Day 283 - Crimpy Hair

September 15th

yeah i dunno

Day 282 - I See Through You

September 14th

Quite literally, I see through you! Pretty cool little creature on another planet.

Day 281 - Patrick

September 13th

A drawing I did in holding when working on The Office! I'm actually in the past episode #3! Awesome!