Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 280 - Night Vision Cronkles

September 12th
Using night vision glasses, we see the Vampire cronkles are about to attack.

Day 279 - Rotten Eggplants

September 11th
A rotten one in the bunch.

Day 278 - I Hang My Head Up High

September 10
Some cool little creatures I created. Originally inspired from some flowers.

Day 277 - Cigarette Burn

September 9th
I hate cigarettes, made this while someone's smoke was wafting into my nostrils and denying me oxygen.

Day 276 - Characters Outline

September 8th
The previous entry was this colored, i forgot I never uploaded the outline of it! here it is!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 275 - Characters in Color

September 7th
The characters I drew... in color! Pretty!

Day 274 - Cronkle Crab Fishin'

September 6th
Cronkle Crab Fishin'. Look at em work in the rain!

Day 273 - Cronkle: Elvis Presley

September 5th
Cronkle Presley. Nice! Off to Vegas, baby!

Day 272 - Cronkle: Spy vs Spy

September 4th
Cronkle in spy vs spy mode.

Day 271 - Randomness

September 3rd
Just a random thing I drew in photoshop. No rhyme or reason.

Day 270 - Mini Cronkles

September 2nd
Mini 2" x 2" canvas. Copic Marker on Canvas.

Day 269 - PDL Promo Image 2010

September 1st
New PDL promo image. We were using it to try and encite some animation companies to help make our cartoon, but so far no one is biting.
Google PuppyDragon Land if you're interested in lots of FREE episodes!!

Day 268 - Robmo 4x4

August 31st