Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 15th - Frank the Robot

Frank the Robot has a magnetically driven mouth that drives his head away from his body so it sort of bobs along as he walks.

July 14th - Farmer Duck

Farmer Duck
Farmer Duck started farming when he went one winter finding a scarce amount of food to make it through to feed himself and his family. He vowed then to never let it happen again.

July 13th

Chocolate bear...desaturated...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 218 - Toxic Cronkle Sludge

July 12th
Toxic Cronkles dumping out of a pipe from the industrial park. Also a possible t design.

Day 217 - Robo-Cronkle

July 11th
Robo-Cronkle destroying all of the cronkles in the city.
Possible T shirt design as well.

Day 216 - ScareCronkle

July 10th
ScareCronkle manning the corn field at sunset.

Day 215 - Cronkle Foosball

July 10th
Cronkles playing foosball!!!!!

Day 214 - A Cronkle Summer

July 9th
A Cronkle Summer. Ahhhh summertime. You know what that means, jumping into fresh lemonade from an umbrella to cool off!

Day 213 - Tea & Cronkles

July 8th

Tea & Cronkles. Inspired by the TV show Friends. The art in the background of the coffee shop always changes so I decided to make "The Last Supper with Cronkles".

Day 212 - King of the Cronkles

July 7th
King of the Cronkles
Another T-Shirt design but for some reason again was rejected. :(

Anyway Cronkles are these little guys I've come up with and started to place in different situations and such. I think they're pretty cool.

Day 211 - Shutter Shades T Shirt Design

July 6th
Another T shirt design, but wouldn't get approved for voting because it has too many colors. Oh well. I like it! I originally drew this on set of csi when i was a raver. ha ha!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 210 - The World of Jera Sky

The World of Jera Sky T shirt Design
July 5th
The World of Jera Sky
I colored them all in photoshop and put them together.
Will add the link for voting after it goes up.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 209 - Face 106 - Scotty

July 4th
Scotty wants to wish you a Happy 4th of July!! Scotty is a profession piercer at Custom Holes Tattoo and Piercing shop. He started when he was 13 with a safety pin, a lighter and some alcohol on his friends. He started to make quite a bit of money so he dropped out of high school when he was 16, went to Bloodborne Pathogen Training, got a workers permit and began apprenticing at a real shop. He prides himself in doing the most difficult piercings that others won't attempt such as the Ampallang as it can takes years to heal and is quite painful for men. Because of his specialty he can charge more than other piercers and he does, doing quite well for himself. He drives a decked out Cadillac Sixteen - that's right 16 cyllinders baby! At 1000hp that baby's gas bill costs more than most people's rent!

Day 208 - Face 105 - Fredrick

July 3rd
Fredrick dresses up as a vampire on a regular basis. It seems less odd now with the whole Twilight Saga craze, but he's actually an accountant for a non profit charity, who seem to ignore his unique sense of humor. He just has an odd fetish for for vampires and wears the getup in hopes of finding his a lovely "vampiress" to join him back at his "lair."

Day 207 - Face 104 - CC

July 2nd
CC is drawn entirely of c's. She lost her teeth from eating a sole diet of candy and never ever brushing her teeth. She hasn't had teeth since she was 19, she's actually 62 now, looks pretty good for her age.

Day 206 - Face 103 - Wilkin

July 1st
Wilkin is a clown for very obvious reasons. He works up on Hollywood Boulevard trying to earn enough tip money to stay drunk through the day from tourists there to see the walk of stars and hand prints in the cement.

Day 205 - Face 102 - Matthew

June 30th
Matthew is a rancher. He looks pretty clean cut for a cowboy, but its because he just went into Austin for his Sister's wedding. She forced him to clean up and rid himself of his cowboy hat in order to participate. He complied for the ceremony but as soon as the groom kissed the bride and drove off in the limo, he donned his hat once again. Matthew is a bit of a lonely man, out on the ranch with only his animals, there is is no special lady as of yet.

Day 204 - Face 101 - Albert

June 29th
Albert works with Herman at the Discovery Channel. He is also an entomologist, but specializes in Butterflies and Moths. He has a collection of at least 1000 different species in his home. He unlike Herman had to fight to do what he loved. His parents always tried to get him to participate and sports and school related activities that would add to his "popularity". His parents, being jocks back in high school, just didn't understand how their son could be so nerdy. After he went off to college on a golf scholarship, the one sport he agreed to take part in, he quickly dropped it and continued with his study of bugs. In some ways this made his parents happier, as golf wasn't a real sport to them anyway.

Day 203 - Face 100 - Herman

June 28th
Herman is an Entomologist. He LOVES bugs. He owns 6 crickets, 5 arachnids, 2 beetles and a few other things I can't remember. His walls are covered in news articles dealing with insects and or pictures of insects. He works for the Discovery Channel and gets to travel all over the world studying bugs and working as an "Insect Advisor" on some of the shows. He got into bugs at an early age when he was at school. The trees were covered with caterpillars of which he would collect and bring home. They would eventually turn into moths. He would take all sorts of notes about how they changed, noting any observations in his Bug Book which led to a small drop in his grades for a while. When his parents discovered his passion was truly something he wanted to pursue, they started saving money for him to go to a great school after high school so long as he graduated with honors and he did!

Face 202 - Face 99 - Betsy

June 27th
Betsy was diagnosed with Gout when she was 10 which made for a rough childhood but she struggled through it. The gout is also the reason she was a bit plumper than most, she actually eats quite well and never eats fast food. This led to her writing about her life and condition in a blog which now earns her $1000/day in ads and landed her a cover on a health magazine. She is quite happy with her life and has learned to love things that most others find difficult like carpentry and rock climbing. Betsy is quite a woman who has achieved a lot in life and never let her illness get her down.

Day 201 - Face 98 - AJ

June 26th
AJ is a wanna gangster. He grew up in the suburbs and got straight A's until he was 16 where he gained a teen complex and got into rap. He then decided he wanted to be "gangsta" too and started ditching school and battling in old warehouses on the weekend. He did get accepted to community college so his parents are hoping he shapes up before admissions close.

Day 200 - Face 97 - Camille

June 25th
Camille is a low end real estate agent. She got into it right after highschool. She used to be the head cheerleader but got knocked up by Brett, the Chess Team Captain. She was always into the nerdy guys. He runs a very successful Internet business. They gave the baby they had up for adoption when it was born to a very well off family, but still married as they were always in love.

Day 199 - Face 96 - Frank

June 24th
Frank works with Fred at the tree mill doing milling rather than lumberjacking. He likes his job, but is now looking for "safer" alternatives as he lost 2 fingers last spring when rushing through a job. He's kind of bummed as it was his beer opening hand, so now he has to stick to kegs instead of bottles and glasses because its just easier for him to pour drinks from a tap that to try and open either by himself.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 198 - Face 95 - Fred

June 23rd
Fred is a lumberjacker. He grew up in Canada and found the job through word of mouth. He never thought it would be his career when he started when he was 15, but it did and now 20 years later he could not be happier. He has a wife, Allison and one child, May, who he hopes will live to have just a happy life as he has made for himself.