Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Face 197 - Face 94 - Sara

June 22nd
Sara is an adventurous rock climber. She goes all over the world just climbing up rocks and cliffs and mountains. She's made it on the cover of Rocks Rock magazine 7 times, more than any other professional climber to this day. She originally discovered her love for climbing on her high school vacation where they went to Mount Rushmore. She thought, "I wanna see those faces up close" so she did! She climbed right up those rocks and stuck her hand up Lincoln's nose! After that she skipped college and began searching for rich guys who wanted to fund a young girl's dreams. After finding Lord Crassen, she never had to stop doing what she loved. When Lord Crassen passed away last year, Sara was devastated to lose such a good friend but found that he had left a large trust fund for her to continue her climbing dreams.

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