Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Face 197 - Face 94 - Sara

June 22nd
Sara is an adventurous rock climber. She goes all over the world just climbing up rocks and cliffs and mountains. She's made it on the cover of Rocks Rock magazine 7 times, more than any other professional climber to this day. She originally discovered her love for climbing on her high school vacation where they went to Mount Rushmore. She thought, "I wanna see those faces up close" so she did! She climbed right up those rocks and stuck her hand up Lincoln's nose! After that she skipped college and began searching for rich guys who wanted to fund a young girl's dreams. After finding Lord Crassen, she never had to stop doing what she loved. When Lord Crassen passed away last year, Sara was devastated to lose such a good friend but found that he had left a large trust fund for her to continue her climbing dreams.

Day 196 - Face 93 - Justin

June 21st
Justin is a podiatrist. He has a serious fetish for feet and chose the profession for that reason. All of his patients must have photos of their feet taken so he can "log" them in their files, just for purely "referential" reasons. However he makes copies of each and pastes them along the walls in the spare room in his house. He's got close to 3,000 now and really hoping to hit 4,000 by the end of Christmas. Such an odd man.

Day 195 - Face 92 - Kristy

June 20th
Kristy is a Junior at Maple Falls High School. She's head of the chess club and on student debate. Her parents want her to go to Yale but she really wants to go to space, NASA that is. Her thinking is why waste so much time going to school if she can just go hit NASA up for a job right away and work towards being an astronaut sooner rather than later. No one knows of her secret astronaut dream, except her dog Slinky.

Day 194 - Face 91 - Tye

June 19
Tye is a actually a man's skinny Tie. He was always this way and never asked for more. Luckily he's the tie of the CEO of Walmart, so he gets out more than most other ties. He actually has a fear of large crowds of people so anytime there is a press conference he freaks out and wets himself. The CEO still can't figure out why his tie gets wet, he thinks its his sweat. ;)

Day 193 - Face 90 - Kris

June 18th
Kris as you can see has had quite a bit o work done. He is absolutely in love with plastic surgery and he should be living in the great state of Nebraska! He works at one of the credit card companies constantly forging new cards to afford to fly out to california and have work done and fly back. No one at the company has yet to figure out
1 how he is paying for all these surgeries or
2 that there are fraudulent cards being made and destroyed as they are all connected to the main bank's account.
He believes he is almost finished and will only have one or two more until he moves to Iceland where his work can really be appreciated...

Day 192 - Face 89 - Erik

June 17th
Erik is a master country guitar playing fool! He loves sitting at the town bar just strumming on his car singing his country songs to the townsfolk. He has absolutely no desire to go on the road, tour or sign with a label, he just loves everything about Houndsworth and the people in it. I don't think you could find a happier man of his circumstance.

Day 191 - Face 88 - Luke

June 16th
Luke races hot rods. He buys crappy run down parts shells of the cars on ebay and fixes them up to race them. He also sells the losers on ebay for a pretty penny. Fixing up the old cars can be expensive, but its the markup that makes it all worth it!

Day 190 - Face 87 - Clozo

June 15th
Clozo was born looking the way he does and his parents naturally pushed him into the circus circuit due to his natural clown-like appearance. He quickly rejected it and ran away to join the "real world". He now works at T-Mobile as a Manager of operations and completely and utterly loves his job. He does miss the circus though, sometimes he flies to Las Vegas on his weeks off to watch Cirque du Soleil.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 189 - Face 86 - Leon

June 14th
Leon is a homeless guy. He's not even a little crazy, he's a lot crazy. He wears his red hoodie even in the hottest heat of the summer, and that's saying something as he currently bums in Arizona! He used to be kept at a foster home, but he always though his foster parents and siblings were too "weird" to be around so he ran away from one of his homes and stayed away. He's actually quite happy bumming around as the most amazing things go on in his brain. Despite what you think he actually sees the world very differently from the rest of us. No really, he actually sees it in all neon colors and shapes. Although looking at neon that much can take a toll on the eyes, thus his insanity. He's happy and has just enough to get by so don't feel sorry or bad for him because he wouldn't have it any other way!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 188 - Face 85 - Ricky Gervais

June 13th

We were watching The Ricky Gervais Show and I just love how funny all of the guys look on it so I decided to draw all of their faces.
Ricky kind of looks like fred flintstone...
Craig Kellman did a great job capturing the guys' essences, so here's to him!

Day 187 - Face 83 - Karl Pilkington

June 12th
We were watching The Ricky Gervais Show and I just love how funny all of the guys look on it so I decided to draw all of their faces.
Karl is by far my favorite (sorry i spelled your name wrong!) Without him the show wouldn't be as nearly crazy and completely out there.
Craig Kellman did a great job capturing the guys' essences, so here's to him!

Day 186 - Face 84 - Stephen Merchant

June 11th
We were watching The Ricky Gervais Show and I just love how funny all of the guys look on it so I decided to draw all of their faces. Craig Kellman did a great job capturing the guys' essences, so here's to him!

Day 185 - Face 82 - Clyde

June 10th
Clyde is stuck in the 80s. He drives an 80s convertible of which he blasts Devo and dresses like one would believe Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell would have back in the day. I think its because he hit his peak with money and girls back in the 80s and was always just a little too scared to let it go in fear that would be his downfall. Instead not changing was...

Day 184 - Face 81 - Carl

June 9th
Carl is an out of work construction manager. He used to work at USA Bank but they fired him after they caught him stealing...singles. He wasn't even stealing the real money, he got caught stealing $1 everyday of which he actually used to buy coffee in the bank's break room. His money was actually feeding itself right into the bank he worked at. He found it quite unnecessary to pay for coffee when expected to deal with such high volumes of cash and not steal, free coffee would have kept him happy. After 10 years at the bank Carl managed to steal $2600 from the bank and funneled it back into the bank actually creating them $26000 worth of debt they could release to potential investors. Because for every $1 the bank takes in they can lend out 10 time that amount.... crazy how the bank thinks eh?

Out of town

Sorry for the lack of posts, was out of town once again!

Went to go and work at Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN this year.

It was quite hot and humid, so much so that sleeping past 8 was impossible!
Despite the heat and lack of sleep it was quite an adventure!

a link to the photos of my adventure:

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 183 - Shameless self promotion

New design submissions for designbyhumans contest.

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Trouble Brewing

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Day 182 - Face 79 - Party Down

June 7th
We got on a huge Party Down TV show kick and this guy was inspired from Ken Marino's character "Ron". As you can see it's all in the hair. He also kind of looks like a Spartan to me.... ha ha ha

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 181 - Face 80 - Gregory

June 6th
Gregory is in fact a guy, despite his overly feminine haircut. He works as a steward for Sky High Airlines. He is one of the international stewards, so he gets to fly all around the world for free. He has a thing for Julie, one of the pilots for Sky High Airlines. Maybe one of these days he'll work up the courage to ask her out, possibly when they go to paris, there's no losing there!

Day 180 - Face 77 -Mietrios

June 5th
Mietrios is a private eye. He learned everything he knows from mystery novels and never actually had any formal training at all but makes a living doing so. He originally started out solving things for family and friends until word spread and he started to even help out friends of friends. He sure has come a long way from the dollar store magnifying glass....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 179 - Face 78 - Floyd

June 4th
"Floyd" actually changed his name because he liked Pink Floyd so much he wanted to be a part of the "band". His real name is Barry. He used to be a lawyer but he quit the practice and now he drives around Venice, CA in a little VW van smoking his "medical" marijuana and blasting Pink Floyd. He makes money by selling drawings inspired by floyd's songs on the beach to tourists.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 178 - Face 75 - Jason Patrick

June 3rd
Apparently when I uploaded this last set of images to photobucket they got a bit outta order. Oh well. That's the reason for the numbers being all jangled though in case you were wondering.

This is by no means the actor Jason Patric, this is Jason Patrick the chipped tooth farmer. He does have a similar stubble to Jason Patric but they're in no way related! Mr Patrick likes to play in the pig feces and roll around with the piggies. His favorite piggy is called Chipper since she's always super excited when Jason comes around to play. He's not married if you were curious.. so he's up for grabs ladies!

Day 177 - Face 76 - Leroy Benjamin Jenkins

June 2nd
Leroy is quite a fancy little fat bat. He got his nickname from all the extra lbs he gained from lobster and butter diet. He can often be found dining with the socialites at the local country club and sipping champagne. That was until recently. He had all of his money invested in a stock called LBJ as it was the same as his initials (Leroy Benjamin Jenkins) but that stocked tanked recently and he lost it all. He can now be found up on Hollywood boulevard dancing for spare change. Maybe this time he'll put a bit away in his savings account....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 176 - Face 73 - Chiffon

June 1st
Looks like I mixed up 73 and 74 so here is 73 now! haha. Chiffon loves piercings she actually did them all herself with her mother's sewing kit and some ice from the freezer. Crazy, I know! She got hit by a kit in the park when she was like 4... maybe that has something to do with it.

Day 175 - Face 74 - Stabbed Steve

May 31st
I think its quite obvious here that Steve has a thing for knives. He love playing with them, juggling, throwing them at dart boards, intruders and mailmen. Unfortunately knives come with the unpleasant possibility of being stabbed, included oneself. That's how Steve got this way, but ever since his juggling got way better, although most of his speech went away...

Day 174 - Face 72 - Evil Izzy

May 30th
Evil Izzy is Izabell's evil alter ego. She only comes out when Izzy is really pissed off such as when someone:
1. drinks all her cokes
2. eats all her candy
3. wakes her up before noon
4. doesn't buy her cokes... or candy
5. tells her that shes broke and has no money for cokes or candy.
To learn more about Izabell check out PuppyDragon Land.

Day 173 - Face 71 - Chris Evans

May 29th
So it looks like I just skipped number 70 altogether... so here is number 71. This is supposed to be Chris Evans. This is what he looks like in "The Losers". I just randomly started it when I was watching the movie and I think it came out pretty good!