Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 172 - Face 69 - Trek

May 28th
Trek reminds me of on of the things from Tron. I also saw this kind of figure in the wall of the sauna after watching the new Tron Trailer... maybe I was a bit influenced.....He lives in a 2 dimensional world where there are no curves only 45 and 90 degree angles.

Day 171 - Face 68 - Roku

May 27th
Roku is a man made of rock. He stands alone on a cliff surrounded by the beauty that is mother nature. He was carved from wind and rain.

Day 170 - Face 67 - Spekter

May 25th
Spekter is kind of an odd dog. His mouth has been wired shut because he's attacked one too many mailmen and children. That's also why he's gotten so skinny, he used to be quite robust but since the liquid diet started, he has shed off quite a few pounds.

Day 169 - Face 66 - Izu

Izu is a one eyed, one toothed, one nosed man. Not at all like a flying purple people eater, he eats only soup because to chew anything else is too difficult for him. He's harmless.

Day 168 - Face 65 - Tin

Tin got stuck in a wood joint when Farmer Bob was building a fence to keep his cows in. He's happy where he's at though because the view of the field is quite a sight and the cows like to talk to him, especially Bessa.

Day 167 - Face 64 - Alc

Alc is a man within a grid, he got stuck there when he visited the cube store. Even his shades have a cubicle look.

Day 166 - Face 63 - Andre

Andre is a feminine man who wears cherry lip gloss. He loves piercings and had almost everything you can think of pierced... thats not visually easy to see...

Day 165 - Face 62 - Husker

Husker is a fuzzy fat fly. He looks dirty but he's actually quite clean, so much so that he even carries a bottle of hand sanitizer tucked in his wings at all times. The irony that a fly who supposed to land on fecal matter is clean is quite funny.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 164 - Face 61 - Matt

Matt is a rocker who always wears his shades, indoors, at night, in the pool, they're always on. His shades are his thing. He also has 2 different colored eyes so he likes to keep them covered up out of shame, although I'm sure most people would think one blue eye and one green eye was pretty cool.

Day 163 - Face 60 - Anali

Anali (pronounced al-uh-lie) is a fortune teller. With his eyes usually rolled back into the back of his head, he tends to freak out a lot of his customers before even telling them their reading. He is usually right too which is a shame most of that info goes unheard.

Day 162 - Face 59 - Musky Mouse

Musky Mouse has one fang. He uses it to impress the ladies and the ladies aka rats he woos like it quite a bit!

Day 161 - Face 58 - Bleet

Bleet is a robot with an attitude. Don't demand coffee or it will come with nuts and bolts in it.... not too tasty. He actually isn't very helpful at all. Despite being a robot he has learned that his existence is solely to cater to humans and he doesn't like it.

Day 160 - Face 57 - The Puzzler

"The Puzzler" loves puzzles. I mean he LOVES them, so much so he makes his own in addition to completing store bought ones. His entire apartment is covered in puzzle pieces which is quite a sight to see. He even makes his own clothing... out of puzzles!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 159 - Face 56 - Tim

Tim is an environmentalist. He believes in doing everything you can to help protect and preserve the environment we live in or it won't be here much longer for our children's children, so on and so forth. He started an eco friendly trash center to help others who need things get them for from others who no longer want or need them. It's kinds of like a FREE thrift store.

Day 158 - Face 55 - Neb

Neb is just another smiley face, but he came out more warped than your typical smiley face. He doesn't seem to mind though, so long as those who see his smiling face still smile when they see him.

Face 157 - Face 54 - Kee

Kee actually is a keyhole. She's quite happy where she's at but her name confuses people a lot especially the pizza delivery man that never looks at the handle and always looks for her at the key hooks. Maybe one of these day's she'll change it.. or just add it to the extra instructions when she orders pizza.

Day 156 - Face 53 - Reb

Reb is Stew's best buddy so you can assume he's another one to look out for. His nose looks strange because he actually has 3 nostril holes. I think thats why he's angry and takes it out on everyone.

Day 155 - Face 52 - Stew

Stew here is a bit of a miscreant. Always getting into trouble he claims he's done nothing but sits there with smug look on his face, even when the cat that was on fire ran out of the shed from HIS property....I wouldn't trust him if I were you.

Day 154 - Face 51 - Mitch

Mitch. This was actually a sketch of a guy I saw while waiting for my oil change at jiffy lube. I don't know if his name was really Mitch, I'm just assuming. His hair was quite weird, i may have over exaggerated it, but it was big none the less. He was pretty tall and lanky with a mustache and and beady little eyes. When he looked at me drawing, I had to hide it because I think he was starting to realize I was looking at him too much not to be drawing him...

Day 153 - Face 50 - Latrina

Latrina the duck is a big fan of mascara, thus her long lengthy full lashes. She thinks it helps with the aerodynamics of her body. Something about faster swimming in ponds... I don't know.

Day 152 - Face 49 - Bessa

Bessa is a buck toothed cow. She is quite picky about her grass but man she does love to graze! Sometimes when she's feeling feisty she even digs up carrots with her buck teeth to eat while on the farm. Farmer Bob hates that!

Day 151 - Face 48 - Chenkin

Chenkin's name is as unattractive as he is. I don't have much to say about him. He's a slob, he doesn't like to bathe and eats nothing but pork rhinds all day.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 150 - Face 47 - Meek

Meek is always stressed out, so much so his eyes are quite veiner than most and he even created pressure in his own eye from it. He does a lot of drugs, thats why he's super paranoid and stressed. Rule of thumb: Stay away from drugs. :)

Day 149 - Face 46 - Alakai

Alaki is from Africa. He's a black alien and I don't mean black as in african american. I mean black as in not green. His spaceship crashed there a few years ago, but he decided to stay because he love the wild african animals and the culture. No one ever came looking for him either, so he didn't really have a choice.

Day 148 - Face 45


Day 147 - Face 44 - Rek

Rek is a mix between a bunny a puppydragon, and a vampire. Awesome! He has a furry little chin, vampire fangs and modified puppydragon/bunny ear thing going on. He loves to eat red candy, nothing else, no other color... quite odd.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 146 - Face 43 - Mitch

Mitch has no neck but he still looks quite right. He works in a little cubicle in an office that does billing for large companies. He's able to work 12 hour days because he never gets neck aches....

Day 145 - Face 42 - Tock

Tock was carved from an apple and is basically an apple core. Cute, but slowly rotting.

Day 144 - Face 41 - Jeet

Jeet has a lot of hair and goes through a lot of product to keep it looking as good as it looks here. Always fly, he plays lead guitar in the band Secondhand Oxygen. His image is his product!

Face 143 - Face 40 - Fli

Fli wanted to be different by having a "unique" name.. Well executed fli.... genius...

Day 142 - Face 39 - Leeple

Leeple is a lil guy with a big chin. Super cute but always looks surprised. It was really awkward at his grandfather's funeral...

Day 141 - Face 38


Day 140 - Face 37 - Sealed up Frank

Sealed up Frank. When he died... or un-animated they sealed him all up with stitches. Frank also found this to be an easier way to swim the English Channel.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 139 - Face 36 - Mable

This is Mable, my Jewish, sexually open, red lipstick wearing, old lady alter ego. She's quite a funny old lady. I was her a few years ago for Halloween, although here she is a bit more put together as her curlers are out of her hair, not in it as I went out with. Her best friend is Ethel, another lovely old lady who wears those ugly matching skirt suits that you can now find at Thrift stores all around the country.

Day 138 - Face 35 - Alber

That's right Alber, not albert. If you've ever seen Young Einstein, you know that madame Curie always called him Alber, not Albert because of her French accent. I still find that pretty funny and memorable. So this is Alber, the scientist. He studies nuclear fusion.

Day 137 - Face 34 - Pinkle

Pinkle is cute and adorable, but that's hard to see past his big eyes. Always a wide eyed little man.

Day 136 - Face 33 - Alcatror

Alcatror is a Dragon. Very strong and noble, he is feared by many, but most don't actually know his jaw is wired shut on the inside as he's trying to lose some weight before his big jousting competition in June.

Day 135 - Face 32 - Chester the Bunny

Chester the Bunny once again. He's adorable. I love his teeth.

Day 134 - Face 31 - Lucille

I feel like Lucille here is trying to blow a Guiness book world record gum bubble but just can't quite get it started. Must have the wrong gum.

Day 133 - Face 26

I realized I skipped Face 26, here's to backtracking and posting it up later!

Day 132 - Face 30 - Three Marks

Three Marks
Simple yet effective. Three marks does make a face.

Day 132 - Face 29 - 22

I call this guy 22, because his hair is made of 2's.

Day 131 - Face 28

A skull among all others.

Day 130 - Face 27 - Bamps

A simplified vampire bunny - Bamps! He jumps, he bites and loves blood soaked carrots. :)

Day 129 - 365 Days of Art - Face 25

Day 129
Face 25
3 eyed man.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 128 - 365 Days of Art - Face 24 - Mel

Day 128
Face - 24 - Mel
Mel is just another one eyed monster with bucked incisors instead of bucked front teeth. He' kinda cute in a weird way if you ask me.

Day 127 - 365 Days of Art - Face 23 - Lak

Day 127
Face - 23 - Lak
Lak is an insect. He looks kinda of like a heart, with the irony that he actually doesn't have one. And I don't mean that in a bad way. he literally doesn't have one. He's got a modified pacemaker that keeps him ticking... First of its kind.

Day 126 - 365 Days of Art - Face 22 - Geo

Day 126
Face 22 - Geo
Geo is un-dead. He has a stitched up mouth and comb over sheet metal hair-do. He roams the streets in search of more sheet metal as he is trying to build a suit of armor from scratch. Too bad people don't really use sheet metal all that much these days, so it's much harder to come by.

Day 125 - 365 Days of Art - Face 21 - Cet

Day 125
Face 21 - Cet
Ready, Cet Go!....or not. Cet isnt really big into racing. He isn't really big into anything. He just likes to sit around reading and thinking. He almost knows too much that most things bother him. Poor Cet.

Day 124 - 365 Days of Art - Face 20

Day 124
Face 20