Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 105 - 365 Days of Art - Threat Level Midnight

March 21st
Threat Level Midnight T Shirt

I know, I know I'm soooo behind on my postings. I've just been really consumed in starting up my new business and trying to book some acting work. This will all soon hopefully be updated and all up to date by May... i hope! ha ha

Anyways I have another new shirt up for voting on 6 Dollar Shirts. It's pretty simple, supposed to look like the front of a script. Threat Level Midnight by Michael Scott. If you watch The Office you know this is from the episode where they find Michael's script and do a reading of it in the conference room. Good stuff. I haven't seen it anywhere so I thought it would be awesome to make one. Go and vote for it!


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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 104 - 365 Days of Art - Gummy Bear in Space

March 20th
Gummy Bear in Space T Shirt
My new design submission for the Design By Human contest.
Vote for it Here:

Gummy Bear in space is from my cartoon PuppyDragon Land.

Gummy Bear travels the universe in search of new and undiscovered places. He photographs himself everywhere he has been. Despite being a lone wolf, alien follows him everywhere and they happen to be friends although neither of them will admit it.

Intergalactic Traveler

Catch Phrase

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 103 - 365 Days of Art - The Funeral T

March 19th
The Funeral in Color
Been working on another T design for Design By Humans. This time I reworked my Funeral Sketch. I think it turned out pretty well.

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Day 102 - 365 Days of Art - Bragon in Color

March 18th
Bragon in Color
Here's my 3rd submission to Design By Humans. Its my bird dragon but colored in some.

I hope ya like it, if ya do vote for it here:(tobe posted later)

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Day 101 - 365 Days of Art - World You Live In

March 17th
The World You Live In
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Day 100 - 365 Days of Art - Rucky in Color

March 16th
Rucky in Color
I've been learning some more about masks and such in photoshop and also wanted to create some tshirt designs for the Design By Humans contests so I colored in Rucky. Rucky the Vampire Duck.

If they approve it. I'll post the link to vote here later.

Thanks for checking back!

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Day 99 - 365 Days of Art - Blind Eyeglass Repair

March 15th
Blind Eyeglass Repair Man
A Blind Eyeglass Repair Man. Ironic. I love it.

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Day 98 - 365 Days of Art - Bagel Chaser

March 14th
Bagel Chaser
Bagel Chaser came about as my boyfriend said it and I just thought it was hilarious and super catchy. It stuck with me a few days until I decided to draw it. I know its an over-sized bagel, but then I figured that's why he was chasing it. I mean why would you chase a normal everyday bagel....

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Day 97 - 365 Days of Art - Flower

March 13th
I just set out to draw a flower. Nothing more, nothing less. Plain and simple.

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Day 96 - 365 Days of Art - Excuse Me?

March 12th
Excuse Me?
There was a horrible girl on set today that was just so mean and rude to me for no reason, so I in turn was an ass back. She butted in line for lunch, she stole my seat that I had been sitting at and then somehow because I no longer had a seat I was sitting up against the wall and happened to be in front of the outlet. She needed to charge her phone and was like super rude about plugging in her charger. I sat there after she realized there was an outlet there and she was like "Well are you gonna move or plug it in for me?" I slid aside and let her do her thing, but I was just like are you kidding me? You can't say please or at least be like hey can i plug it in. sure no problem. is that so hard, apparently it is. heres to you bitch. i drew you as crazy as you are.

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Day 95 - 365 Days of Art - Skydiving Octopus

March 11th
Skydiving Octopus

SO the Skydiving Octopus came about as I have been thinking more and more about going skydiving for my 25th birthday. It's strange, but I thought it was funny. I'm not sure why the octopus though... what does it mean...?

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