Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 94 - 365 Days of Art - Wedding / Funeral

March 10th
The Wedding/The Funeral
I was having a long day on set, it ended up being 16 hrs so I had quite a bit of time to work on this. I can't decide whether to call it The Funeral or The Wedding. On the one hand the guy looks so sad holding his dead girlfriend, but on the other she looks so happy as her new husband carries her over the threshold. Either way I think its pretty cool.

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I was listening to Band of Horses "The Funeral" when I drew this as well so that's part of the reason for my confusion.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 93 - 365 Days of Art - The Floating Mtns

March 9th
The Floating Mountains
Well you guessed it, these are the floating mountains from Avatar. For my last day in New Mexico I could not, not take my mom to the most expensive movie ever made. It was a little tricky though, I had to convince her 2 hours and did manage to do so. At the end of the movie she was like "man, my legs hurt" and I was like that was because it was 3 hours! She didn't believe me 'til she checked her phone and then was like "It didn't feel like 3 hours" and I told her I know and I knew I wouldn't be able to get her there unless I tricked her. She had her saved pair of glasses from Alice in Wonderland and was like I can use them right? Once again so adorable. She really liked it and I was just so glad to be able to experience that with her. This past year and a half is the longest I've ever been away from my mom and its been really hard, harder on her I feel and I just don't know what I'd do without her. She's my favorite person in the world.

To you mom.

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Day 92 - 365 Days of Art - Roller Racer

March 8th
Roller Racer
I bet you thought this one was title'd throwback huh? haha! I got to hang out with my best buddy Samantha when I was in NM. I spent the night and we got drunk on lemonade mixed with Seagrams Sweet Tea Vodka. They were delicious and we probably drank more than needed, but it was just so good. If you haven't tried it, do so immediately, It doesn't taste like alcohol at all but its 35 proof, it tastes just like an Arnold Palmer as it should! But you have to get the good natural lemonade, not the fake cheap crap with high fructose corn syrup. Anyways we were drunk and somehow roller racers came up. I don't know how, but I wanted to make sure to remember it. I loved my roller racer! Those were the days!

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Day 91 - 365 Days of Art - Mom & Alice

March 7th
Mom & Alice
Mom had been wanting to go see Alice in Wonderland ever since she saw the trailer, she even splurged to buy the Mad Hatter Barbie, which was actually pretty cool. Put Johnny Depp and Tim Burton together and mom's day has been made. Anyway I think this was the first 3d movie she ever saw because she was all about it. She even saved her glasses. it was the cutest thing and so I had to commemorate the moment with a little sketch up of her doofy face and some things from the film.

Off with their heads!

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Day 90 - 365 Days of Art - Mtns of Denver

March 6th
In the Mountains of Denver
I flew to New Mexico on the 6th to go surprise my Mom whom I haven't seen for a year and a half for her birthday. I was staring down in the mountains and I saw this old man in the mountains. It was extremely interesting so I drew him and the rest of the lines represent breaks or valleys of the mountains.

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Day 89 - 365 Days of Art - The Lemonade Cart

March 5th
The Lemonade Cart
We've been looking into a new business venture lately so I drew up a little sketch of me and Brandon and the lemonade cart. I'm pretty excited about this and can't really say all that much since it's all so new and not much has been going on. We should be building our cart this weekend though. Fun with power tools! yay!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 88 - 365 Days of Art - Living Domes

March 4th
Living Domes
Living Domes was a concept I was thinking about if we were to live in space. Sort of a Jetson deal, but since we cannot survive without oxygen we'd have helmet and then structures would be in a sort of dome that has oxygen running through it like central air. I don't remember what stirred this idea but it's kinda cool.

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Day 87 - 365 Days of Art - Skulls and Bones

March 3rd
Skulls and Bones
My sister sent me a picture of my dog and I started drawing here but then it turned more into this creepy skull. I decided to add some skulls and crossbones to the background almost as a sort of Gothic wallpaper background.

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Day 86 - 365 Days of Art - Pirate Banana

March 2nd
Pirate Banana
I don't know if you've seen Wonderland, but I thought it was hilarious when the guy asked what is that? and Jesse Eisenberg said " That's a banana with an eye patch. That's what was on my mind today on set. ha ha!

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Day 85 - 365 Days of Art - Raze

March 1st
Raze is a tweety bird but with a much better hair cut. She spikes it up every morning and takes 10 minutes to let it air dry out in the open. She's a little more fuzzy than feathery which probably means shes a hybrid of a tweety bird and guinea pig. It may sound a little strange, but love knows no boundaries. Raze is a messenger bird and also rationalizes that her hair is more aerodynamic allowing her to cut through the air and make her deliveries much quicker. We're pretty sure she just likes the way it looks...

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Day 84 - 365 Days of Art - Lucy

Feb. 28th
Lucy was so cute, I had to draw her again!

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Day 83 - 365 Days of Art - Titembe

Feb. 27th
Titembe is a floating face island. Do you see him? If you don't I can't really help you. ha ha! Jackie the bird lives on Titembe's head and even has a next where she is raising her babies. She's a single mother because her mate was attacked by a bear and killed. She's quite content alone because even alone, she still has Titembe.

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Day 82 - 365 Days of Art - Rucky

Feb. 26th
Rucky is just the cutest little vampire duck you've ever seen. I'm probably going to do a painting of him as well! Rucky grew up in Pennsylvania, and no he has never been to Transylvania, that's an entirely different country. That may sound idiotic but I was asked that exact question one day. He hangs on in creeks and ponds, mostly preying on sunny fish that come to the surface, so he doesn't have to try so hard to get a meal.

ruack! ruack!....

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Day 81 - 365 Days of Art - Mark the Manager

Feb. 25th
Mark the Manager
Mark was a manager at one of the apartments we lived at. I can't tell you how much I could not stand the guy. Every time he saw me, he would say "Hi I'm Mark the Manager, who are you?...." I had to explain to him that I lived in the building every time. I was like I've been living here for a year now and he would say oh yeah. Always a confused look on his face, I couldn't stand how unwelcome in my own apartment building I felt. We finally moved out of that place yesterday and I had to commemorate his douchy-ness.

"Hi I'm Mark the Manager, who are you?...."

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 80 - 365 Days of Art - Rikter

Feb. 24th
Rikter is simply a bad ass skull. He does pin striping on old classic cars and anything else he can get his hands on! His entire house has been meticulously pin striped. It's quite a sight! He learned it when he would skip class in high school and hang out at the tattoo parlor instead.

Anyone got some extra paint.. rikter is out.

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Day 79 - 365 Days of Art - Bertha

Feb 23rd
Bertha is quite a cow. She has 2 side ponytails and then her mane extends down along her neck which she usually likes to swipe towards one side. As you can see she looks like her name. She has very strong features and 2 lazy eyes, but she is as sweet as can be. She loves grazing out in the fields with her two babies Silly and Billy. Their names can be quite a confusion some times because she likes to say silly billy a lot!

oh you silly billy....

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Day 78 - 365 Days of Art - Tambino

Feb. 22nd
Tambino is a swami. He keeps to himself and is often found meditating in the gardens at local parks. He travels quite a bit exploring mother nature and all of her bountiful gifts. He meditates on many things but mostly on his place in this world and how behaves in relation to the elements and obstacles set before him and how he reacts to those specific changes. He's quite an interesting guy if you ever get the chance to talk to him....


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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 77 - 365 Days of Art - Plip

Feb. 21st
Plip is completely and utterly hairless. He does not have one hair on his little body. His eyebrows are even painted on. Poor thing. He's also missing a nose so he has no olfactory glands. We think his mom was quite malnourished during pregnancy, so he ended up with just a little less than anyone else. He's quite fine with it though. He works at a petting zoo because he likes petting all the animals and feeling their soft fur on his hairless skin.

Feed is 25cents a handful, just around the bend....

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Day 76 - 365 Days of Art - Mufesto

Feb. 20th
Mufesto is a little fly. His unusual color stems from the fact he was born on a radioactive waste site. It's quite unusual for anything to able to survive there when first introduced to the world, but he managed to. He also has matching bright green butterfly wings, so many confuse him with a butterfly, but he is definitely a fly. His natural attraction to rotting and fecal matter is undeniable. He also has a cute little nose that most flys lack, due to no radioactivity.

Watch out for those gamma rays....

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Day 75 - 365 Days of Art - Weebles

Feb. 19th
Let me tell you something, Weebles pisses me off. He's a little shit. Always up to no good and doesn't care about anyone else. He's part poodle so that's why he's so stuck up. He is basically a dog model and a high maintenance one at that! He has yet to ever win a contest though, so I don't get what the attitude is about.....

see you in the losers circle....weebles wobble and you do fall down!

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Day 74 - 365 Days of Art - Blue Debil

Feb. 18th
Blue Debil
The Blue Debil is in no way associated with the devil, he just has a devilish appearance. He actually works down at Ralph's in the Produce section. He's a master at sorting out which fruits have already gone bad, just by feeling them as he stocks the shelves. If you can go to the ralph's off of fountain and La Brea, because their fruits and veggies will be the freshest in town!


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Day 73 - 365 Days of Art - Ronkles

Feb. 17th
Ronkles is a buck-toothed puppydragon. He looks a bit crazy but I swear he's not, just a little slow. He also has a little beard of which you can't really see but its on the bottom side of the canvas. He prides himself in his matching beard and hair do. He works in a small town salon, thus the reason for the obsession with his own hair. He doesn't actually know much about cutting hair, just what he's learned watching Shear Genius on bravo.

Snip, snip....

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 72 - 365 Days of Art - Griff

Feb. 16th
Griff is a bit batty, mostly because he is part bat and part wolf aka a Wat as they like to say on the street. Strange I know, I don't even want to go into the specifics on how he was conceived.... Griff spends most of his time in the woods, usually in trees climbing about. His two left fangs poke out, usually because his cheeks are stuffed with pine cones. He has this insatiable need to have pine cones in his mouth.

Check your pockets for pine cones, Griff tends to shove them places as storage for "later"....

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Day 71 - 365 Days of Art - George

Feb 15th
George got his crooked jaw from a dog fight, despite the fact he is a puppydragon. He fights with dogs all of the time! He looks innocent but he's been to the pound quite a few times! His number is G776432. He's a spoiled rich pd, that's why he acts out, don't feel bad for him.


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Day 70 - 365 Days of Art - Lucy

Feb. 14th
Lucy is a little sphere headed girl. She's from Tokyo, Japan, similar to Hello Kitty she is quite adorable, but unlike her perfect counterpart, she has a lazy eye. Her diet consists of nothing but Ramen noodles, but she keeps a regular routine of 30 minutes of Hopscotch daily in order to keep her girlish figure.

1...2...buckle my shoe...3...4...shut the door...

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