Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 57 - 365 Days of Art - Xavier


Xavier is another Big Breed PuppyDragon. He is the laziest of the breeds. He loves candy, probably more so than any other PuppyDragon. The only reason Xavier’s middle name is “danger” is because he was one of the only ones without one and insisted that it be danger. We have no clue why.

Xavier is purple with bright blue wings.

Xavier gave himself the nickname Z since he could not completely pronounce his name because of the way PuppyDragons talk. Xavier was a little too complicated to pronounce so he wound up calling himself Zabier which later gained him the nicknamed Z, but only after he insisted that everyone called him Z and not X.

Xavier became a doctor not after medical school, but after he went to a medical supply store and bought a stethoscope, white coat and headband reflector. He did graduate PuppyDragon Academy, but it was actually with a degree in Theater. He just acts like a doctor.

Police Officer (Valandra’s Deputy)

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